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Publications - Articles

Catching up Readers Before They Fail (Online Summer, 2012)

Authors: Carol E. Canady and Robert Lynn Canady  Educational Leadership, 69. 

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Publications - Books

Elementary School Scheduling: Enhancing Instruction for Student Achievement

Canady, R. L. & Rettig, M. D. (2008).Elementary school scheduling: Enhancing instruction for student achievement. Larchmont, NY: Eye on Education.

This practical book and its accompanying CD-ROM include over 100 schedules to help elementary schools raise student achievement. This first book of its kind shows elementary school personnel how to create schedules... that-- 

-Support research-based instructional practices 

-Create the most efficient school day for ALL teachers and students 

-Increase the quality of instructional time 

-Reduce fragmentation of the school day 

-Create the best learning environments 

The accompanying CD-ROM includes all the schedules illustrated in the book in Excel format, which can be customized to fit your school's needs.


1. Building Master Schedules  

2. Scheduling Time for Quality Literacy Instruction 

3. Scheduling Time for Quality Mathematics Instruction 
4. Scheduling Encore Classes (PE, art, music etc.) to Provide Common Planning Time for Core Teachers 
5. Designing Special Services Schedules that Integrate with Core Instruction 
6. Providing Time for Intervention, Remediation and Enrichment

The book also includes a chapter with planning and implementation strategies designed to help elementary schools through the scheduling change process. Order Now!

Scheduling Strategies for Middle Schools

Rettig, M. D. & Canady, R. L. (2000). Scheduling strategies for middle schools. Larchmont, NY: Eye On Education.

With over 150 sample schedules, this book shows how scheduling strategies can enhance your school's capacity to offer exploratory courses, interdisciplinary teaching teams, teacher-based guidance programs, and other programs and practices which are responsive to the needs of early adolescents.

1. The Critical Role of Scheduling in Fully Implementing Middle School Practice 
2. Adapting Principles of Modular Scheduling for the Middle School
3. Alternate-Day Schedules in the Middle School 
4. Adapting the 4/4 Schedule 
5. The Five Block Middle School Schedule 
6. Scheduling Exploratory and Elective Classes 
7. Scheduling Extended Learning Time in the Middle School 
8. Teaching in the Middle School Block Schedule
 Order Now!

Block Scheduling: A Catalyst for Change in High School

Authors: Robert Lynn Canady and Michael D. Rettig, 1995. 

Larchmont, NY: Eye on Education.

This bestseller shows you how block schedules can enhance learning and instruction, increase opportunities for students, and improve teachers' performance. It provides practical tools for planning and implementation.  TABLE OF CONTENTS              Order Now!

Teaching in the Block: Strategies for Engaging Active Learners

Editors: Robert Lynn Canady and Michael D. Rettig, 1996.  

Larchmont, NY: Eye On Education.

This bestseller describes alternatives to lecturing, traditional questioning, and individual pencil and paper tasks. It offers practical advice on how teachers can harness the potential of the extended period.

1. Block Scheduling: What is it? Why Do It? How Do We Harness Its Potential To Improve Teaching And Learning?
2. Socratic Seminars 
3. The Collaborative Classroom 
4. Four Models Of Teaching 
5. Simulations 
6. Learning Centers 
7. Integrated Technology 
8. Content Area Literacy Instruction: Reading And Writing Strategies 
9. Direct Teaching, Lecturing, and Planning  Order Now!

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